After talking about WOW they talk about the President's State Of The Union speech last night. While Ant was watching that, Opie was watching American Idol and the new Flavor Flav show.

They talk about the client meeting/conference call they had to be at yesterday afternoon for


Back from break at 6:32 and they talk about the President's speech for a minute and then about a follow-up news story about an Upper East Side antiques dealer who has been having problems with a homeless guy living on the sidewalk in front of the store. O&A completely disagree about it, Jimmy feels the same as Ant.

two callers agree with Ant and Jimmy.

O&A argue about the homeless guy and the antiques dealer; Opie hates rich people who treat other people like crap. He wants to get the homeless guy on the show.

sides with Opie.


Back from break at 7:06, they talk about the new Dakota Fanning movie where she gets raped. Opie saw her in L.A. and calls her a phony because she seems like too much of an adult to be considered a kid; he watched her doing adult-type things.

says he was just flashed and then says "Howard Stern rules" and hangs up.

says it's strange that Opie was watching Dakota Fanning for 45 minutes.


Back from break at 7:33 and they talk about Donald Trump who is in the NY Post today calling O&A "slobs". Jimmy says it's because of last week's interview with the gay black guy from the Apprentice. The paper says Trump will never call them again.

Donald Trump interview from a few weeks ago.

They tell Roland try to get Trump on the phone to hash it out. They wonder if newspaper writer Richard Johnson can be to blame at all. They get several calls commenting and speculating. Opie says they'll sit on this for a while and not do anything until they hear from Trump. They know Trump is a Howard guy but he calls O&A because they have a larger audience for him to promote himself, but they don't care because he gives them good radio.


Back from break at 8:11. WOW is alive and well on Paltalk today. Louis CK joins them in studio.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League to talk about his call for an investigation of the Dakota Fanning movie. Louis mentions that Bill's organization issued a harsh press release about Lucky Louie but Bill doesn't remember anything about it. They debate simulated sex in a movie vs. real sex in the Church. They find the press release about Lucky Louie and read it to Bill and then Jimmy and Louis argue about it with Bill. Bill never actually saw the show, he wrote the press release based on what someone told him. Louis throws in that Catholics are wrong about God before they say bye to Bill. The Lucky Louie DVD comes out Tuesday.


Back from break around 8:48 and Louis is still upset over Bill and his organization's press release about Lucky Louie.


In XM Studios

Opie wants to change the show intro to get rid of his "model" line.

Opie says "Bill Donohue is a potty-mouth"; Bill had at least two dumps.

liked Louis CK's HBO special. Ant says he saw it twice.

finds it funny that Opie has a problem saying he could have been a model in the show intro but Ant has no problem saying he's gay in it.

says Ant's "I'm gay!" line came from a talk about Treehouse Richard and then says "yuck" to Jimmy for having a girlfriend.

They talk about American Idol.

clips from American Idol.


A couple of people note that a Donald Trump commercial played during the break.

There is a news story about a Massachusetts family who was kicked off a flight before take-off because their three year-old was throwing a tantrum and wouldn't sit down.

was on a flight years ago when someone was standing up during taxi and wouldn't sit down so the pilot jammed on the breaks causing the guy to fall.

claims he was on the flight that the family was kicked off of but it turns out to be a "Ramooooone" call.

has a flight story.

Opie, Ant, Jimmy, and Louis talk about various flying stories.


Back from break at 10:30 and Opie says that this year's Traveling Virus tour looks like it might be 10 weeks starting in April and he reads off some of the cities where they're thinking of going.

Louis talks about being on the road and says when he is on the road he stays at the Ritz and rents Jaguars.

They talk about spanking kids and Ant and Louis tell childhood spanking stories.

four year-old daughter likes to get spanked, does things to get herself spanked on purpose.

his neighbors were allowed to spank him when he was little.

clips from a news story about making spanking illegal.

called cops on step-mother after she hit him with wood, cops came and gave mom help.

if he was good for a long time he used to get a whack just to remind him what he'd get if he misbehaved.

rather than his dad spank him, his dad used to show him Nazi books and threatened to send him to the Nazis if he was bad.

Line Of The Day:

Runner-up: Jimmy, set up by Ant.
Runner-up: Jimmy.
Runner-up: Louis commenting on American Idol.
Winner: Louis calling Bill Donohue a "blockhead".They say they are leaving us with this at 11:22...

full-length version of "I Saw The Soin".

But they couldn't leave while that was playing because they were enjoying it too much. Jimmy wants to put it in his iPod so he can fuck to it.

Show ends at 11:27.