12/8/08 recap and rundown: Hockey; Mustaches; Hairy Girls; Miss Rotten Crotch; Joe Satriani v. Coldplay; Sleeves Song; Emotional Songs; Dr. Steve's Wine; Christmas Gifts

First hour:

They talk about weekend football and they talk about Sean Avery having to go to anger management, which doesn't seem right.

comments about Sean Avery.


Opie talks about the NHL's Chris Simon, correcting some things that he had mentioned earlier.

Jimmy brings up a British list of top 100 living geniuses which pisses him. Among other things, the creator of The Simpson's is ranked higher than people like Steven Hawking.

never got to hear what Guess The Sound was last week.

They talk about OJ being sentenced.

They mention Ron Goldman and his stupid old-fashioned mustache.

They find out that Sam's dad also has an oldie-tyme mustache and they see some pics of him. Since he is white, Opie figures that Sam's mom must be black but Sam shows a pic of his mom and she is very white. Ant scrolls through pics in Sam's phone and sees Sam's cute girl and Danny and some concert pics. And Ant sees a pic of Sam's dad wearing an old-fashioned striped bathing suit.


Second hour:

Opie talks about the dropping gas prices and says that he even tipped a gas guy because the gas was so cheap.

Ant talks about his remote car starter not working this morning and Opie says that he should get a new car - his current car was bought before 9/11 happened and the heat doesn't work on the passenger side.

Ant and Jimmy are both fans of leasing vehicles and Opie and Ant both like SUV's.

They talk about Obama being a smoker.

Tom Brokaw asking Obama about smoking yesterday.

Ant says that he saw a movie rating explaining that smoking was in the movie.

They talk about the Presidential inauguration and wonder why it happens in late January.

Opie mentions that John Lennon died 28 years ago today. Kim Basinger is 55 years old today.


Opie says that on his honeymoon he told his new wife about losing his virginity, which happened in college because he was a late-bloomer. He says that the girl had a mane at least 1/2 an inch wide from her neck all the way down to her tailbone. This gets them talking about girls shaving between their legs.

knows what the birth defect was on that girl: a Wookie.

Stuntbrain says that the girl was very rare and tells them about what he found out while looking it up.

a food and sex story.

Opie talks about a girl in college who tried candy panties with him once.

a girl who has that birth defect but it's not as bad as a mane however she gets a lot on her face and has to get it removed often. She also says that there is a new billboard for Jimmy's book on the NJ Turnpike between exits 13 and 14.

One of Opie's Philly Crew came up with a contest idea: Miss Rotten Crotch. Girls would do whatever they can to get to that point and Erock would be the judge. Danny says that Ron & Fez did something similar a long time ago so Opie says that he would get Ron's permission first.

says that Opie wants people to call the show but when a girl calls about having too much hair he tells her that she is a monster.


Third hour:

So far people are liking the Miss Rotten Crotch idea but no girls are calling in yet.

Bob Kelly should also be a judge of that contest.

Joe Satriani is suing Coldplay for plagiarism over their new song which sounds like one of his old songs. Opie recalls that the O&A show discovered this months ago.

pieces of both of the songs in question:


Wow. Coldplay didn't even try to change anything.

Opie points out that Jimmy is missing right now - Opie & Jimmy went into the bathroom together and Jimmy has yet to get out.

Coldplay also ripped off another song.

that song:


a girl who would enter the contest.

the Coldplay and Satriani songs mixed together.

They talk about Joe Satriani and other guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen.

a Yngwie riff.

Jimmy returns and mentions that he wanted to use something of Satriani's on Jimmy's first CD but Satriani said no.

a piece of a Gary Hoey Christmas song.

Eric Johnson's Cliffs Of Dover which Opie used to use for a lot of commercials back in the old days at WAAF:


Opie mentions that when he was driving around this weekend he stumbled across a Rush song...but it was a country song.

tells them about a guitarist with an x-shaped guitar that spins around on his chest.

Opie brings up a contest that Ron & Fez are doing for new Christmas songs. Opie really likes a song that Sleeves did.

the song by Sleeves.

Ant says "that sucked so bad". Opie says that it's catchy. Jimmy doesn't like the lyrics.

some callers commenting about the song - it is split down the middle.

They notice a new intern who is OLD: 38 years old. They talk to him for a moment.


They go back to debating the new Sleeves song. Ant HATES it. Jimmy doesn't hate it but he doesn't like it.

the song again.

The debate continues.

a bunch of callers about the song, mostly liking the song.

Opie remembers that when he was driving over the weekend a song by Veruca Salt came on the radio and he told his wife about a time when he and Ant could have dated those girls but they didn't because they were both in relationships and behaving.

Back to the Sleeves song.

Fourth hour:

Opie says goodbye to the K-Rock audience just in case the O&A show doesn't return after today.


In Sirius|XM Studio:

Opie asks Ant about sentimental or emotional songs. Ant has to think about it. Opie asks Jimmy and Jimmy immediately picks the Ozzy song Goodbye To Romance...

Goodbye To Romance:


Ant suggests Creep by Radiohead...



Ant says that he also likes a big ending to a big song on Broadway and Opie calls him a faggot. O&A talk about musicals for a little while.

Someone on Instant Feedback suggests Dollar Bill by Screaming Trees...

Dollar Bill:


Jimmy suggests She's Gone by Black Sabbath.

suggests the Mad World song from Donnie Darko...

Mad World:


Opie reads what people are saying on Instant Feedback.

the Sabbath song Jimmy suggested:


Someone suggests Wake Up by Mad Season...

Wake Up:


Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Mark Lanegan:


Ant plays his slide whistle along to the song to make it more happy.

Someone suggests Superstar from the Juno soundtrack and Jimmy suggest Johnny Cash's Hurt - Ant doesn't like Hurt and thinks it's purposely tugging on the heartstrings...



Opie suggests putting some of these songs on a serial killer mixtape CD. But they would need one funny song on such as mixtape so Danny suggests putting Danke Schoen on it and Opie suggests Popcorn by Hot Butter...



Erock suggests a song that Big A sang...

Intruder by Big A.

Ant mentions that GM stock is up a few cents today.

Wine that Steven S From Bayshore bought for a gift for Opie is brought up and they make fun of him and Opie says that Steven should have been invited to Opie's wedding.

Fifth hour:

It's mentioned that Black Earl is supposedly unhappy that he wasn't invited to the wedding.

They talk about some homemade wine that Dr. Steve made and gave to Opie. Opie didn't want it and gave it to Danny. They question how the wine was made and joke about what Dr. Steve may have put in it. They decide to uncork the wine and try it. Opie starts by saying that he's smelled worse. Ant says that it smells vinegary. Opie says that it's not bad but he wouldn't drink it - it tastes like a bar house wine - he says that he would really love to trash it but he can't. Danny says that it's thin and should sit for a while and Ant agrees.

They continue to trash Dr. Steve and Steve From Bayshore for a while longer.


Opie got the first Christmas gift that was sent to the O&A show this year. It's from Caroline's comedy club. Before opening it Opie says that the comedy club rules and that they always take care of the O&A show. Ant says that they always get great gifts from Caroline's. With that out of the way O&A open the gift while some Christmas music plays in the background. One of the boxed is a little open and it says something about "Christmas Crackers" which Ant reads. They're not crackers that you eat...

These are accompanied by some kind of pistachios and marshmallows, a fruit cake, cashews, peanut brittle, and peppermint candy among other things. Sam took apart one of the crackers and found things like keychains and a butterfly hairclip. Ant recalls the years that they received fine wine and champagne from Caroline's. Opie grades this gift as a C- and Ant gives it a D. Opie tells Sam that he'll have to call Caroline's and tell them that O&A are not happy with the gift. Sam gives the listeners on the bleachers items from the gift basket including some paper hats which Sam has them wear.

Opie has a gift for Ant from someone who heard about Ant's hair restoration. Ant reads the letter accompanying it. It's from the WWE. It's a Carlito wig. But Ant wants nothing to do with it because he just spent almost $10,000 on his own hair. So they make Erock wear it...

Opie can't believe that Saturday Night Live got away with a song called Jizzed In My Pants this weekend...

Jizzed In My Pants:


Ant says that it's no better than the old Sleeves song Mighty Horse.

Mighty Horse.

Sixth hour:

part of the new Sleeves song again.

Show ends at 11:03 followed by Nirvana's version of the song Where Did You Sleep Last Night.