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Thread: 5/26/09 Rundown: Weekend Photos; Raw Update, Wrestling; Times Square; Jimmy, Penises, Devil's Creek; Music; Erock's Pizza Problem; Bacon

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    Default 5/26/09 Rundown: Weekend Photos; Raw Update, Wrestling; Times Square; Jimmy, Penises, Devil's Creek; Music; Erock's Pizza Problem; Bacon

    5/26/09 Opie and Anthony Show Rundown: Weekend Photos; Raw Update, Wrestling; Times Square; Jimmy, Penises, Devil's Creek; Music; Erock's Pizza Problem; Bacon

    First hour:

    They talk a little about the long weekend and about the weather. Ant briefly mentions being on a boat and going to an air show.

    Their studio settings are messed up and they don't sound right. Danny looks up the schedule and finds out that their studio was booked by someone for two days over the weekend for voice-tracking (recording) sessions. Opie says that such sessions should use the studio that a certain part-timer uses rather than use their studio which is used by full-time shows.

    Jimmy says that he went to L.A. over the weekend and ate like a pig. He talks about a charity gig that he did in Adam Carolla's back yard with people like Bob Saget and Jay Leno. They check out some pics:

    Jimmy talks about being blown off there by the Internet version of Access Hollywood.

    tells Jimmy that Opie played around a helicopter over the weekend...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Helicopter fly-by while on the East River[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Encore helicopter fly-by while on the East River[/ame]

    Opie talks about "his special friends, 'the boat people' " and about that helicopter fly-by and a special boat trip yesterday. He gives a shout-out to some guys.

    From Opie's Twitter

    From Opie's Twitter

    Ant talks about going to an air show on Long Island yesterday and talks about this pic he took on a boat over the weekend:

    From Ant's Twitter

    Ant talks more about the air show and about some of the maneuvers he saw and watch some videos of similar maneuvers and then they wonder if they would go up in something like and F-18 if given a chance. All of this leads to Top Gun.

    Opie calls Sam into the studio to talk about the WWE and Raw last night and controversy over their use of the Pepsi Center.

    Vince McMahon last night on Raw.

    They goof around with Vince and Raw for a few more moments and Sam sees that Raw is being covered on MSNBC right now. Opie tells Sam that it is time for him to give up on wrestling but Sam doesn't agree.

    They talk about the number of wrestling pay-per-view events now - 16 a year compared to four or six a year back in the older days. Opie does the math and figures out that fans spend about $500-$600 a year on pay-per-views and DVD's. Sam points out that there are also magazines to subscribe to as well as live events and signings to go to.

    Second hour:

    Sam talks about how money he spends on signings. He says that he went to a Hulk Hogan signing which cost $100 just for a ticket to get in.

    From Sam's Twitter: Sam's chair with Hulk's signature, among others

    talks about money being charged for autographs.


    They talk about the NYC Mayor and his stupid plan to close off a portion of Broadway to vehicles which went into effect this week.

    a news story about Mike Tyson's four year old daughter being critically injured after getting tangled in a treadmill cable.

    Ant talks about his brother Joe baby-proofing everything these days. Opie tells a story about one of his brothers getting burned because he was accidentally placed against a steam heating pipe when he was being changed when he was little.

    Jimmy mentions "an older boy who used to make me suck his penis" when Jimmy was like five years old.

    Opie says that people should look up the cheese roll on youtube:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 1 - Broken Wrist[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 2[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 3[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 4 - Womens[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 5 - Collison & The Fat Man[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 6[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 7[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheese Roll 2009 HD - Unofficial Race 8[/ame]

    They go back to the boy who used to make Jimmy suck his cock and Jimmy says that was the same boy who peed in Jimmy's mouth. Jimmy thinks that this kid may have tried to fuck him in the ass but he can't really remember.

    says that when he was little his parents were questioned by the cops over all of the injuries he did to himself and he talks about his many injuries.

    Opie says that people on Instant Feedback want to know more about Jimmy's stories. Jimmy says that he probably had about nine or ten different cocks in his mouth when he was little. He tells some more stories including twins who he used to make sit on his face after they peed his pants because he enjoyed the smell.

    Jimmy talks about Devil's Creek, the woods in which a lot of these things used to happen, and says that it scares him to think about the place even now. Danny looks up maps of the area and they try to find it online.

    Lydia From Oceanside. They mention her boobs on Twitter and her appearance on the O&A show last week.

    Backstage on the O&A Show: Lydia.

    Third hour:


    Opie reads a message from someone who claims to live a few minutes away from scary Devil's Creek and offers to go take some pics of the area for them.

    They talk a little about the NBA playoffs and the Indy 500 which prompts "Ted" the Indy Car Driver to make an appearance.

    They talk about Mr. T at a Cubs/Pirates game over the weekend...

    Mr. T saying "I pity the Pirates".

    does an impersonation of Jackie Stewart.

    Mr. T singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame at the Cubs game:

    (starting a little after 2:00 in)

    "Ted" makes another appearance and then "Uncle Paul" and "Ted" talk about each other.

    asks if Mr. T sang "root, root, root for the honkies".

    Susan Boyle singing a new song on Britain's Got Talent:

    [ame=""]YouTube - HD/HQ Susan Boyle - Memory from Cats - Britains Got Talent 2009 Semi Final Show 1 Season 3[/ame]

    Opie reads this news story about a would-be jumper who was pushed off a bridge in China.

    the Indy 500 winner crying after winning the race again.

    Mike Schmidt's crying/retirement speech.

    Danny tells a story about going to the bathroom in the bathtub when he was little and "Uncle Paul" makes an appearance.


    Opie reads some Instant Feedback.

    Fourth hour:

    Opie has Danny start to read off the list of the top five songs in the country right now.

    the number one song:


    the number two song by Lady Gaga:


    the number three song by Jamie Foxx:


    They debate if Jamie Foxx was any good as a comedian but cant come up with anything he did that was funny. Sam says that Jamie had his own sitcom on the WB channel but no one remembers it.

    They talk about auto-tune being used in Jamie Foxx's song and many other songs these days.

    a new Lady Gaga song that Sam says is good.

    Opie talks with Sam about Sam's appearance on Whoo Kid's show Saturday.

    says that Jamie Foxx's Booty Call was a funny movie.

    says that in Boom Boom Pow there is a line about satellite radio which is beeped out on regular radio.

    tells them about pics of Lady Gaga's pancake titties.

    the line from Boom Boom Pow.

    suggests they have Kenny sing a song with auto-tune.

    Auto-Tune The News:


    Jimmy talks about seeing an old Led Zep concert on TV last night. He hates the way Robert Plant used to dress and Plant's bulge:

    Ozzy is mentioned and they look at some of his pics including this one:

    They talk about Ozzy not being able to hit high notes like he used to.

    a song that Ozzy probably can't reach anymore:


    asks Jimmy what's up with his Ozzy vs Robert Plant thing.

    gives Robert Plant credit for not wanting to do a Led Zep reunion.

    Opie brings The Who and they wonder if Roger Daltry was actually a good singer.

    Behind Blue Eyes:


    Jimmy tries to make a joke but bombs badly. So they have him leave the room and do a sitcom entrance to try again. He bombs for the second time.


    (former) Intern David singing the Lady Gaga Poker Face song.

    Opie says that they were talking about Pee-Wee Herman during the break and they talk about a 30 Rock episode that he was on.

    scenes from Pee-Wee on 30 Rock.

    Someone points out that the hot blond on 30 Rock was in the first Vacation movie:

    Fifth hour:

    Backstage With O&A: Sam interviewing Erock about why Erock wouldn't sing for Opie's birthday last week. Erock explains that he had a "potty emergency" and that he was going to "explode his bowels" after eating pizza the night before. Sam also interviewed Erock's girl about Erock's pizza problem: she says that Erock has had to throw out some underwear because of it.

    They ask Erock if he is still on his diet and Erock says that he gave it up a long time ago. He talks about eating that pizza and ice cream, both of which upset his stomach every time he has them. He says that he will still eat things like that even though they make him sick. He says that he won't be doing any diets again anytime soon but realizes that he has a problem.

    Erock says that there is a bacon mayo that he hasn't tried yet but wants to because it's "the best of both worlds".

    Erock says that in school on pizza day he used to dip the pizza in mayo and says that he also dips fries in mayo.

    Someone sent pics of what may be Devil's Creek so they look at them but Jimmy can't remember if it's the same place or not.

    Danny says that the same people who make that bacon mayo also make bacon salt:

    Erock's bacon commercial.

    Someone says that there is a squeeze bacon:

    Danny says that there is bacon coffee, bacon candles, bacon ice cream, bacon mints, bacon bubbles. bacon beer, bacon water, bacon toothpicks, and more.

    Opie takes a look at the weekend box office numbers and wonders why Ben Stiller bothered to go out promoting his movie because it took in so much money over the weekend.

    Danny talks about the new Terminator movie and what he didn't like about it.

    a news report about bees attacking a game store in NYC:


    They hate the reporter in it.

    "Ted" from Ted's Pesky Bee Removal Emporium talks about what he does with bees.

    The show ends at 10:37.
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