1/8/10 Opie & Anthony Show Rundown: Gallagher, Patrice Oneal in Studio; Jay Leno; Gay Haircuts; Airport Body Scans; Stupid Larry King; Mars The Hairstylist; Patrice vs Gallagher

First hour:

They talk about rumors and speculation of Jay Leno's possible cancellation or moving back to late night.

They get distracted by Jill on TV and Ant says that last night he thought about sending her a txt msg while he was in the midst of a whole bottle of wine. Opie thinks that this would be a great weekend for the break-up sex.

Leno last night talking about cancellation rumors:

Opie talks about the suits who have no clue about how to do anything on the radio and tells a story about how he once almost became a suit when he was young and working at Brother Wease's radio station.

They talk about controversial full body scans at airport security and Ant talks about this pic on the Drudge Report which he tweeted last night:

He inverted that pic using PhotoShop and in three clicks he came up with a hot chick:

From Ant's Twitter

Fred From Brooklyn. He wonders if breast implants would be recognized by those body scans. Opie tells Fred that he came in third for Tweet Of The Day last night.

last night's Tweet Of The Day.

another runner-up.

Ant talks a little about watching the First 48 last night.

They talk basketball player Gilbert Arenas and gambling.

They talk about a recent security breach at Newark Airport which was discovered to have been caused by a goodbye kiss.

a news report about it.

Among other things, Opie teases what he says is Larry King's biggest fuck-up yet.


Second hour:

They talk some more about the Jay Leno rumors.

a voicemail from Jimmy about Leno and other things.

Sam joins them to talk about the Larry King fuck-up and they talk about Anderson Cooper who should replace LK.

Opie mentions that he has a bad haircut which he got from a gay guy who apparently wasn't happy that Opie has gotten haircuts from the guy's ex in the past. So Opie wears hats to cover it up.

tells them about a haircut he got which happened in the middle of a fight at the barbershop so his hair came out bad and he also has to wear a hat now.

They talk more about haircuts and haircut places for a little while.

says that he was offered a blowjob once by the guy cutting his hair so he said yes in order to get a good cut.

Someone on Instant Feedback is complaining about this topic. His phone number is on his feedback so they wonder about calling him.

another haircut story.

wonders why they didn't ask that guy how his blowjob was.

a bunch of callers with stories about barbershops and haircuts.


Third hour:

Patrice Oneal joins them in the studio. Opie plugs an upcoming show with Patrice and Bob Kelly.

Patrice talks about college football for a while.

a caller with the worst bowl game name.

Jimmy-the-Greek talking about blacks in sports.

Patrice goes back to college football and talks about the Alabama coach who got whacked with a Gatorade bucket.

Mars joins them at the big boys table. He nervously talks about being "inspired" by the old movie Shampoo and going to beauty school. He says that he was so bad at it that he made women cry. The way he tells the story really stinks and they keep making fun of him for it.

Opie eventually decides that he wants Mars to work on Sam's hair this morning. Mars says that he needs a blow-dryer and some other stuff so they work on getting what he needs and they decide how to do it in the studio. Erock pops in to say that Nicole has a hair-straightener they can use.

In the meantime, they finally get into the Larry King stuff.

Larry King fucking-up.

some callers pretending to be Larry King.


Fifth hour:

Gallagher joins them in the studio. He talks about seeing a play, Race, last night. Patrice dominates the conversation.

They talk about Gallagher's comedy. Patrice compliments him and calls him Carlin-esque. Gallagher talks about not having a special on Showtime in a decade and not being able to sell shows in NYC and L.A. so Patrice offers some style and career advice.

Patrice keeps referring to Gallagher as "Ron" which is Gallagher's brother whom Gallagher has had problems with.

Gallagher gets into some of his material but Patrice goes back to trying to give him advice to get bigger again. Gallagher mentions a band that does Gallagher stuff and Metallica music.

Patrice keeps calling him Ron. He asks for Gallagher's first name but no one says anything so Patrice instructs his girl to look it up and txt him with it.

suggests Gallagher stop doing the smashing bit.

Gallagher talks about comedy clubs which don't let him smash stuff; in one out of three shows he doesn't smash.

Patrice starts calling Gallagher "Leo" (he got the txt from his girl while they were talking). They go back and forth between advice for Gallagher and Gallagher doing his material.

says that he used to be a huge fan of Gallagher and suggests that Gallagher stop the smashing bit.

Patrice offers to open for Gallagher.

Mars says that he has what he needs to shampoo and straighten Sam's hair; Gallagher says that Sam's hair needs to be changed. Opie asks Gallagher if he thinks Sam is black but Gallagher won't answer although after he is told about Sam's lineage, Gallagher says that Sam's hair confirms it.

Gallagher and Patrice fight and insult each other off and on while Mars works on Sam's hair; Sam's not happy.

compliments Gallagher and points out a great line that Gallagher has against Patrice.

Patrice and Gallagher continue to fight for a few moments and then they go back to Mars and Sam.

Fifth hour:

Opie asks Gallagher if he is racist and Gallagher answers "why?". This leads to a whole big thing between Patrice and Gallagher and Ant which goes on for a while.


The tension between Patrice and Gallagher resumes and it escalates into lots of racial stuff and Ant gets involved. Every time anyone tries changing the subject, it doesn't last long before getting racial again with the implications that Gallagher is a racist.

Gallagher doesn't seem happy and doesn't say anything so Ant tries to back-peddle but digs himself into a hole. Patrice asks Gallagher why a watermelon and Opie taps out. Gallagher implies that Ant is an alcoholic and says that Ant can't stop but Ant says that he will not say anything else racist until the end of the show.

Patrice apologizes for anything he did to annoy Gallagher. Gallagher brings up the fact that Patrice had his girl look up Gallagher's first name and Patrice starts yelling at him but then apologizes.

Gallagher talks a little about songs he writes. Ant asks him if one of the songs starts off with "the house next door to me was...".

Gallagher blames the tension in the room now all on Ant. But in overall order of blame, he blames Patrice for picking on him, Opie for asking the question which started the racism arguments, and then Ant.

They get back into racial stuff and things like stereotypes and profiling. Ant has a joke he wants to say but won't because he promised he wouldn't say any other racial jokes until the end of the show.

some callers about Gallagher and Patrice.

Patrice brings up differences between black women and white women.

more callers, one of whom finished the line "the house next door to me was...".

Ant and Gallagher go back to fighting and they wonder about Gallagher's ticket sales now after all this.

At 11:00 Opie gives Gallagher the final word and the show ends: