9/16/11 Opie & Anthony Show Rundown: SXM Sucks; Bobo's Dating Contest; Bob Kelly, 'Mayhem' Miller, Traci Lords in Studio

Opie reads a couple of quick odd news headlines that are on their prep sheet.

Ant brings up that his young cousin did his own sports show with a friend from Ant's compound studio last night (without Ant).

a little bit of the show (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17295659).

Ant talks about how superior his home studio is compared to what the O&A show have at Sirius and he laments the lack of visual element that they O&A show has. This opens the door for Opie to get into his annoyances with the company and eventually gets pissed off along with Ant. They go through the list of unkept promises they were given since they had to move to the Sirius building and the general feeling that the company just doesn't give a shit about them or their show. They find out that the last time there was a video from the O&A show added to the official siriusxm.com website was in June and they think about many of other memorable moments which could have been added since then.

They change to the topic of the long-awaited Bobo dating contest which is happening today. They check out some pics of the girls and talk about them. O&A wonder about playing the "up and down game" with Bobo today but Travis tells them that they would not be allowed to because the sponsor, Trojan condoms, apparently doesn't want any penises involved.

They goof around and bounce around for a few moments, often frustrated.

says that condoms have a use that does not involve penises: Drug smuggling.

They goof around some more and Opie declares that he is going to start taking off some Mondays and Fridays so he can burn off vacation time that he has to use before losing it.

They continue to goof around and touch some subjects such as Clubsoda Kenny's ability to think only about one thing at a time, abuse that Erock typically gets, and Eastside Dave's prank phone calls to the "Cousin Brucie" show on Sirius on Saturday nights.


Bob Kelly joins them.

Opie wonders about a phone line that is ringing and he answers it. He finds out that it is a listener who has been calling for the past two years so he could be put on hold and listen to the show. Opie wasn't aware this has been happening. Danny joins the conversation and argues with the caller. Opie hangs up on the guy because all the other phone lines are now lit up.

says that the phones all lit up because Danny is a prick and says that Troy used to also let him stay on hold to listen to the show. Troy explains his reasoning.

the original caller again. He thanks Troy.

tells them about a radio show where callers on hold could hear the studio's open mics during commercial breaks.

O&A mention a few of their old stories about being spied on at WAAF and WNEW.

Opie asks Bob about being on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm recently with infamous Red Sox legend Bill Buckner.

The topic suddenly changes as Bob mentions that he's been trying to get his wife pregnant and mentions that she had a miscarriage at one point.

They talk about walking dogs and cleaning up after them in NYC.

They eventually get back to Curb Your Enthusiasm and Bob tells them about the day he worked on it.


Bob plugs gigs that Rich Vos is doing this weekend in Boston (http://www.ticketfusion.com/store/one/index.html?store_id=13353&master_store_id=13353&pa ge_type=master_ticket&show_id=497592&qid=187626586 98&cid=) [editor's note: I went last night. Vos was AWESOME, as usual! He KILLS!]

Jason "Mayhem" Miller joins them and they goof around about doing fatties. He tells them about living in Japan for a little while.

tells them how much she loves Mayhem.

another chick for Mayhem.

He plugs an upcoming fight and they talk more about his fighting career and a TV show he used to do.

more girls for Mayhem.

They goof around and plug his stuff and say bye to him.

From Opie's Twitter


They talk about how great Mayhem was and how much they love him.

They bring up the dating contest and get pissed that one of the girls didn't show up even though she confirmed that she was a finalist and that she would be in today.

They bring up a place in NYC where people can pay to nap for an hour.

Ant tells a story about an episode of the old The Twilight Zone until Traci Lords joins them in the studio. They are all in awe at how great she looks. She plugs new music that she has and Ant asks about her acting career.

They tell her about Bobo and the contest. Bobo enters and they debate if she should see Bobo's dick or not. She screams in horror when she finally catches a glimpse of it.

They goof around some more and ask her about her married life.

Traci's new song.

They talk more with her and Opie tweets a pic of her:

They goof around for a while and eventually get into the dating game. There are production pieces made for the game itself and about each of the contestants which are played as the girls enter; the girls are kept separated from Bobo throughout the game so he can't see them. O&A and Traci talk with each of the girls and ask questions. Bobo then gets to ask the girls questions (similar to the old Dating Game TV show) for a while. Travis then asks Bobo what he remembers about the girls; the winner of the game is supposed to be the girl who Bobo remembers the most about. The game takes a nasty turn as Bobo starts viciously attacking. Ant eventually declares a winner and Bobo gets to finally meet the girls.



The end.