1/3/12 Opie & Anthony Show Rundown: Celebrities/Fans; NYE Shows; Santana; Extreme Cheapskates; Hoarders; Bobo's Death

They goof around for a few seconds and talk about feeling confused getting back to their normal morning ritual today after being off for almost two weeks.

They briefly mention the holidays and football and the old Honeymooners TV show and Opie tells a story about car accidents that used to happen in front of his old family house. Jimmy brings up a documentary about a woman who killed seven or eight people in an accident in NY a few years ago.

They go back to talking about football.

They talk about athletes and other celebrities blowing off fans for pics and autographs.

an old clip of Ringo Starr telling his fans that he will no longer accept stuff from fans.

They talk about the various New Year's Eve TV shows and performances and Dick Clark in particular.

Cee-Lo Green altering a line in the John Lennon song Imagine during one of the NYE shows.

They talk about Justin Bieber singing a Beatles song with Carlos Santana on guitar on NYE.

part of a hit song from Santana and Rob Thomas from 1999 followed by part of his old song Black Magic Woman which neither Anthony or Jimmy like.

tells them who was the singer of that song.

part of the original version of Black Magic Woman from Fleetwood Mac.

Justin Bieber introducing and singing the Beatles song with Santana on NYE followed by a little of Paul McCartney singing it live recently.

Jimmy inadvertently leaks news that Van Halen is playing in a small nightclub in Greenwich Village this week. They talk a little about the band having a new song and tour coming up (minus original member Michael Anthony).

the "Jimmy Van Halen" song "We're Back!"

Opie and Anthony talk a little about how shitty VH singer David Lee Roth is compared to second singer Sammy Hagar and they talk more about the tour and how huge VH was as a band.

they go into break with a Santana song, Oye Como Va, which Opie requested.


The rejoiner music is from a Led Zeppelin song. As Opie asks Erock why he chose that song, Opie asks Erock what he got for Christmas.

Jimmy brings up the Republican Presidential candidates and then he brings up party bands and party songs.

They go back to talking about NYE and about Dick Clark but Opie gets sidetracked and tells them about a TV show about cheap fucks and one woman who uses washable rags instead of toilet paper.

they check out a clip of that woman from Extreme Cheapskates.

Ant tells them about something he saw on Hoarders.

tells them why she thinks that toilet paper woman is faking it to get on TV.

They talk about people with stupid mental disorders like that and Ant talks more about the TV shows and they check out some video clips.

They get into talking about podcasts and Opie plugs Bob Kelly's podcast that Opie guested on in this week's episode. Opie plugs a video he did with Joe DeRosa which shows his beard.

Ant brings up a person who gave him shit on Twitter recently who was part of a message board of haters.

They go back to podcasts and Ant mentions that his LFTC shows which are now on iTunes are now in HD.


Opie says that Bobo has apparently died according to Twitter and MSNBC. Bobo's "boyfriend" Kurt Love is brought up and all of this makes Sam laugh so much that he cries.

a video showing the MSNBC report and voicemail of someone claiming to be Bobo:


they're favorite clip of Bobo falling out of character while trying to do his "fugitive" bit.

Bobo? He's claiming those reports are wrong and that he is the real Bobo, not someone doing an impersonation.

fake Bobo's are added saying that they are the real Bobo.

They talk some more about Bobo.

Bobo's video response to the reports of his death.

the possibly reak/fake Bobo again. He says nothing intelligible so Opie hangs up on him.

They talk more about Bobo and his boyfriend Kurt Love.


They talk about Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark on their New Year's Eve show.

Jimmy pops into Erock's Control Booth just to gut a bad gasser and trap Erock with it.

clips of Dick Clark on his NYE show.

They talk more about Dick and check out more NYE clips.

They goof around and bring up when Sam called (America's Most Wanted guy) John Walsh by his dead son's name.

Sam calling the guy his dead son's name.

They goof around some more and check out more clips.

They get into talking a little about the Twilight Zone.

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on the CNN NYE show.

They bring up some funny tweets by Pat From Moonachie and say that both he and Steve From Bayshore should be writers.

They talk about Brock Lesnar and check out some clips.

They reference Braveheart and bring up Mel Gibson's divorce and mention that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting divorced.

The end.

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