Opie and Anthony Rundown- Monday March 19th, 2012

Logo Loco, Opie's Vacay, Deep Sea/Science Talk, Sam and Troy's New Show, Cleveland Gip, Sam's Wondercon Interviews

The boys didn't see the 'guuud moooornin'' security guard this morning and missed talking to him. Opie jumps right into problem number 1 he notices...there are new black bars taped all around the windows of the studio that just happen to be right in their eyeline, obstructing their view of the hallway and its driving them nuts. They want the O&A logos to be seen in all their pics and videos and also to observe incoming guests, and the new black bars are making this all impossible. Opie instructs Erock to rip them down to which he happily obliges. Jimmy says the stickers smell of a gluey industrial waste, as a panicky Kenny attempts to flatten out the wrinkles.

Opie talks for a while about his vacation and regrets not having any bigtime 'vacay' stories to tell cuz he did nothing but relaxed and observed the blue ocean water. He talks about visiting his old Turks and Caicos Island stomping grounds, drinking rum which he says only seems to taste good when you're on vacation, and reading Keith Richard's book 'Life' on the balcony of his condo, at the beach, and in the pool.

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Opie is pleased to report that his son did not cause any trouble travelling to and from on the plane, but ended up projectile vomiting all over the interior of the brand new car they were arriving home in...only two blocks away from their house yet. He talks about conversing with a lady chauffeur who drives celebrities around the island and her talking about how much Cindy Crawford really looks like shit and hates her family. Opie didn't buy the fact that this lady chauffeur passed herself off as pretending to be indifferent when it comes to celebrities, when she in fact knows more about their personal lives than ordinary people and then dares to talk about them openly.

Opie talks about spotting a fat woman with massive boobs in a bikini and her skinny husband at the pool and plays a video he made called 'Big Bikini Pool Tsunami':

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He says in reading Keith Richards book, he strained to get his reading muscles back and hated the fact that it contained numerous pictures which didn't count as individual pages in the enormous five hundred page book. Opie suspects Richards didn't write a word in it, but rather dictated his stories into a tape recorder and had someone editorialize it. For his next vacation he wants to go to Parrot Key Island where Bruce Willis has a home, because there's nothing but seclusion and empty beaches there.

Jimmy debunks the myth of celebrites being just the same as regular people with a quote by Sarah Silverman: "I put my five hundred dollar pants on one leg at a time".

Opie tells one more vacation story about his son having explosive diarreah in the pool and pulling him out just in time, and a 'rat' couple who reported him to the management.

They get into talking about deep see diving. Opie would love to go out over the 'shelf' but needs to take courses to get certified so he could be a real cowboy diver who can go up to 200ft in depth. They talk about diving to the Titanic and it being pitch black on the ocean floor and not being able to see it. Jimmy curiously asks a bunch of scientific questions like how far down is the Titanic, and how to commandeer a submersible.

Vinny writes in saying Jimmy's asking questions like his wife asks him questions.

Opie says he wants to be an in-depth thinker by smoking pot and stare at the stars, and talk about the notion of water: how it came to be, why water is the way it is, and how just thinking about this for 10 minutes will freak you out. Ant does an impression of Dr. Mitsu Kaku explaining why we get wet in water, why its crystal clear and it turns to ice and back to liquid again because of molecules.

Ant talks about submarines being crushed by the pressure of diving that deep, and Jimmy equates this with an example of a little man inside a crushed soda can still being able to have some room for malleability...Ant calls this one of Jimmy's "Wwwwwwwwoooooow" moments. Jimmy says he watched a documentary of the earth being rained on for a million years that created the earth's oceans, and guy named Frank Umbrella invented the umbrella because of it.

Opie says James Cameron is making a movie 7 miles down in 3D about the 'trench'. Travis says more people have been to the moon than the 'trench'. Ant questions how this movie could be entertaining in total darkness. He talks about a guy on a wooden ship mapping the ocean using 7 miles of rope and a virtual reality show called 'Drain the Ocean'. Nana Jimmy chimes in and says they can drain it by getting a big giant straw.

Kenny chimes in with his scientific theory on water by saying you can drink it and piss it out your prick. Jimmy chimes in with a funny Kenny story where they went to a pharmacy and Kenny called the pharmacist a doctor and a medic. Ant mentions that anyone Kenny sees with a uniform he calls a police officer.

Opie has one more vacation observation where he says some of the natives look like Avatar people with alienized white eyes.

They talk about Hendle the island activities director and how Opie thinks he has the best job in the world having access to women.

Lydia- talks about having spots on her clit and how Ramone gave her syphilis. She explains a guy she grew up with found him in bed with his gay partner and admitted he had it.

They tease the upcoming segment they'll do about Kony and Jimmy sings the Joseph Kony song: Joseph Kony eats pepperoni and he's full of baloney.


Opie talks about Gary walking into the studio during the break and not noticing all of the ripped down O&A channel decal.

They gloss right over Sexman's topical and announce that Mary Tyler Moore's show premiered its final episode 35 years ago.

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Jimmy is mad at Erock for not doing this....

of Ozzy Osbourne's song 'Crazy Train'

From youtube:

Jimmy says it was thirty years ago where guitarist Randy Rhodes died in a plane crash when he swooped down to do a fly-by and hit the tour bus Ozzy was on, almost killing him too.

Ant wants to hear a bunch of Ted Knight clips

Ted Knight clips of him saying the name 'Monroe' from the show 'Too Close For Comfort'.

None of them like this clip or the show itself because it had the serious Ted Knight.

Roland enters the studio and Opie asks him how he liked the Bruce Springsteen concert, and then talk about Rosie O'Donnells failed tv show.

Jimmy reads an article about the cancellation.<VAR id=yiv1131504295yui-ie-cursor></VAR>

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Sam get into talking about how irite he is at Kenny for apparently making shit up and spreading lies about him throughout the xm studios. Kenny says Sam has a new radio program at the ten o'clock hour entitled the 'Busy Buddy Show with Sam and Troy'. Kenny proclaims this new show with his series of tag-line promo's including 'we're two guys who are up in everybodies business' and 'we're two guys who like to judge and make fun of people'. Sam declares that this is all Kenny's doing and is angry that people are walking up to him in the xm hallways inquiring as to why Sam is acting like such a prick. Some writes in saying Sam and Troy are like high school dicks. Troy doesn't seem to be bothered by any of this at all.

Jimmy gets into talking about his Cleveland show and how xm will only pay for half of one night of his hotel room for his three night stay. Both him and Opie are outraged by the company's 'nickel and dime' mentality, and decide they will pay there own way to go to Cleveland. Opie questions how the company can pay a guy 80 some-odd millions of dollars who doesn't even show up to do 'their' show...and O&A won't get paid to go to Cleveland.

Andy from Boston- writes in calling Opie a spoiled cunt.

The boys are quick to correct and slam him down when they say they do not have a 'diva' mentality requesting limousines and other such accoutrements at their disposal...when they just petition the basics such as a paid hotel room. Ant wants to know 'who' the culprit was who decided the company will not to pick up the tab, but doesn't anticipate a prompt response. Kenny chirps that this will be a 'win win' situation. Ant likes Kenny's optimistic attitude. Opie talks about getting flown everywhere and getting paid for meals when he and Ant worked for WAAF.

Jimmy tells a story about driving with Kenny and a city bus cutting them off and Kenny shouting out the window "Mister, be kind". He sings the Joseph Kony song again.


Opie states he misunderstood Jimmy from before the break about the whole paid hotel room debacle...he thought the company was paying Jimmy two nights and half of the third. Opie remembers the beginning years on satellite radio when they paid for all of their expenses. Opie declares he will go to see his pal Jimmy in Cleveland and fly back...ON HIS OWN DIME. Kenny chirps in again with an optimistic 'All's well that ends well'. Opie asks why Kenny is so happy and what the boys did to him to make him so while he was gone. Opie mentions he had a concierge at his condo also named 'Kenny' so he felt he was in good hands.

Ant talks about an addicting new iphone game similar to Pictionary, where you draw something on it and send it off to a friend and they have to guess what the drawing is. He says he cannot see anything in the studio today because of his eye strain from being fixated on the screen. Jimmy says Kindle is better for the eyes than the iphone. Both he and Opie think the game is boring and don't get why it has taken off. Ant could tell a 'fan' of the show was playing along in the drawing game with him when Ant received a picture of a colored gentleman with a hose wrapped around his neck.

Ant talks for a while about there being so much congestion and crowdedness of the traffic he endures in Flushing that he refers to it resembling Japan and Vietnam. Opie asks him if he uses the 'ch' word when cursing at the other drivers. Travis says there is a law maker in New Jersey who wants to fine people for driving 10 miles under the speed limit on the turnpike.

They discuss texting while driving and how it is worse than drunk driving. Opie doesn't text while he's driving anymore because he can't feel the letter keys on the iphone the way he could on the blackberry.


Jimmy's 'Its almost time to go home" song.

Sam brings up his interviews he did on Wondercon with Jorge Garcia from 'Lost' and Joseph Gordon-Levitt from the movie '50/50'. Opie thinks Levitt is full of shit when he told Sam he's made a comeback in movies after being absent from them for a long while to attend college. Sam counters Opie and defends the fact that Levitt had made his money from 'Third Rock From The Sun' and didn't need to work again. Opie figures different...that it was more of Levitt not getting offered anymore plum roles because nobody gave a shit about him, and instead of doing shitty 'B' movies, chose to go back to school, and then made the inevitable return to movies today over staying in college.

Sam talks about his interview with the wrestler Virgil from the WWF. They look at pics of the event and see that there were no lines at Virgil's table. Erock had got duped into buying a championship wrestler belt for $80 to get a signing. Sam says Virgil tries to scam anyone, including Sam, who comes up to his table into buying his pics and autograph signings with a three card monte-like showboating.

Jon B O'Conner writes in saying Virgil sounds like the rappers in Times Square who throw fear into pedestrians in order to swindle them into buying their cd's. Ant says the city is starting to crack down on them.

Sam plugs a new website called Virgiltumbir.com.

They talk for a bit about Louis CK negative comment tweets toward Sarah Palin.

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Opie says MSNBC is starting to crack down and on Rev. Al for all of his past chock full of gay bashings and racism. Jimmy is exhilarated by this and keeps on encouraging the exposure of Rev. Al's hypocrisy. Opie thinks the O&A show may have pushed that one forward quite a bit.

Jimmy plugs his Uncle Vinny's stand-up gigs, Ant promotes his new shooting video, and Kenny says as of right now 33 more people 'liked' his facebook page.