6/5/12 O&A Show Rundown: Erection Stuff; Face-Eating, Bath Salts; @AmySchumer, @RalphMacchio in Studio

Ant comments about his microphone cable.

Danny tells them about refusing to interact with the "good morning" guy in the lobby.

Opie talks about the never-ending NBA playoffs and the Stanley Cup playoffs.

a Maine TV sports gal announcing that a Celtics/Heat game ended in a tie:

Ant talks about the MeTV network which he has been enjoying.

a commercial for a vacuum thingie to help erections (postvac.com/).

says that he is a fireman and a few times a year he gets called to the hospital to cut metal cock-rings off of guys.

They talk a little more about cock-rings and about erection meds.

says that he met the guy who invented the vacuum thing.

Ant goes back to talking a little more about MeTV.

They bring up Ralph Macchio whom Opie had met at a sporting event and who is very aware of the O&A show and will be in later today.

They update a guy who ran onto the field after a baseball game.

They bring up potty-mouthed NYC news woman Sue Simmons (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sue_Simmons) who is leaving WNBC soon. They go on to talk a little about how antiquated the TV news is now.


The rejoiner is a clip of Ronald Reagan because he died eight years ago today.

They talk about celebrity endorsements of Presidential candidates and play a few quick clips and talk about fundraisers.

They talk a little about Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman.

tells them about someone who was pretending on Twitter that he was at a private fundraiser.

They talk a little about the "Octomom".

Jimmy brings up a gathering he was at once with Matthew Broderick and they check out part of a big song from the Ferris Bueller movie.

That gets them into checking out some movie and TV music of the eighties.


the 911 calls about the face-eating incident in Miami including one from "Chip".

they check out a video of a zombie apocalypse in Miami.

tells them a spot of the video to check out.

a guy talking about the so-called "bath salts" which allegedly caused things like face-eating.

a couple of calls about bath salts.

Amy Schumer joins them and they talk about her sex life and she tells some stories.


a guy from Montreal who tells Amy that he had to rub one out listening to her story.

They talk a little more about sex and talk about the guests they had on the show yesterday. They check out video of Jimmy getting hit by the UFC guy yesterday and talk about some other UFC guys with whom Jimmy has tangled.

Ralph Macchio joins them and joke about him telling Opie that he would never ever do their show. They talk a little about his Long Island roots. Jimmy asks what he is most annoyed by people asking of him and they talk about his past works and what he is up to now.

From Opie's Instagram/Twitter

They talk about his youth and his family and what kept him grounded as a young actor. They talk about some more of old roles such as My Cousin Vinny. They plug his Twitter (www.twitter.com/RalphMacchio) and talk about some NY sports stuff. They do plugs and say bye.