Opie And Anthony Rundown- 12/12/12

Toy Talk, Ravi Shankar's Death, Rick Ross Threats, Anger Management Issues, Jimmy's New Talk Show Preamble


No Op today. Ant got a Hex Bug for a Christmas present from Cokelogic.

from Google:
http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_004W015345870001P?sid=KDx01192011x00 0001&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=35-10282859-2

He talks about old skol record players and some other Christmas gifts he and Jimmy got. Ant brings up the movie 'Runaway' with Tom Sellect and Gene Simmons and how he doesn't buy Gene's performance anymore like he used to, because all he sees now is the scumbag who tried to steal Ant's girlfriend.

Gene's villian character getting stung by crab robots from Youtube:

Jimmy mentions he got an Ozzy matchbox style car as a present that looks like an old milk truck and they talk about some more toys they got for Christmas when they were kids. Then they look at pics of some classic hot wheels cars for a while.

from Google:

They talk about model trains set toys and play the Bobby Bacala Sopranos scene of him buying a train from Youtube:


Troy comes in and Ant asks him about what he thinks about Erock buying a Harry Potter model train set with his disposable income. Sam describes Erocks HDTV setups by the fireplace at his house and him putting a movie theater in his backyard, and decorating his place with all kinds of chotchkies to make it look like an Appleby's. Erock says his girl wants to get an outdoor hot tub, but has to do some big time renovation by getting rid of garden first. Ant asks Erock his fascination with Simpson's dolls and his favorite toy shops growing up. Sam thinks his common bond with Erock is his wrestling fascination. Troy gets into it with Sam about his fascination with skate boarding and hates wrestling because of how fake it is, like you're watching a soap opera with half-naked men.

Ant talks about riding the 'freedom train' he wrode around in during the bicentennial that served as a rolling museum as you got a history lesson.

from Google:

Jimmy talks about the movie 'Lincoln' and how Lincoln could have ended the war and slavery first, and went to the extent to get extra votes to end slavery, before the war and recommends seeing it.

Travis mentions the single most expensive Lionel train set auctioned from 2007 was a standard gauge set from 1934 $250,000 mint in the box from 1934.


George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord' plays because sitarist Ravi Shankar died yesterday at 92 years old, as Ant 'tootle lee doo's' to it.

from CNN Entertainment:

Ant thinks Ravi would not have been known had it not been for George and Sam plays his daughter Nora Jones's one-hit wonder song 'Don't Know Why':

from Youtube:


Ant goes on a tear about hating jazz and is shocked that there are some many genres of it, especially when he has to put up with it while taking a leak in the XM bathroom.

Jimmy wants Ant to put his Hex Bug present on his arm to see what it feels like and he jokes that it feels like Edgar. Ant wants to get his niece and nephew an XBOX to prove he is not that curmudgeon a guy.

Ant brings up the guy in a hoodie committing a crime in New York City from MEDIACENTER:

Ant brings up the Skylar Grey song video from Youtube:

Jimmy thinks she looks beautiful and took a pic with her yesterday and shits on it, hating his fat neck standing next to her. Travis says Trent Reznor did a few soundtracks for 'Call of Duty'. Ant says to fuck Johnny Cash already and thinks he's overrated, withall the boys disagreeing with him on that.

they play a few Johnny Cash songs which further annoy Ant.

Jimmy talks about being horny, not jerking off over a week and both him and Ant trying to re-unite with their ex-girlfriends. He thinks Ant is a good oil derricking 'deep fuck Cumia to get back together with his ex

Travis is a two-cum guy, and Jimmy mentions guys who can keep ejaculating over and over again during sex, and is curious as to how guys fuck consistent basis, and Sam suggests getting nipples played with and burying his face into the woman's neck. Jimmy then re-touts his new 10 o'clock Talk Show.


Kenny comes in and says the guns laws are changing in Illinois, and they talk about that for a bit, and Ant thanks Kenny for his contributing for the show. Kenny is excited about Jimmy performing at the Borgata and being able to sell Jimmy's new CD there.

They talk about waiting to watch the 12/12/12 concert and Kenny asks about the kid that was born at 12 after 12? He says we have 11/12/13 to look forward to and the boys bust on him.

Ant talks about watching the portrait episode on the tattoo show the 'Ink Master'.

Pics from Google:

of the show from Youtube:

They get into talking about the Rick Ross incident of him cancelling an entire tour because of having threats made against him- from CBSNEWS:

Nathan from Chicago- Rick Ross has a beef for mentioning Larry Hoover who was the founder of 'The Disciples'...who is still alive but in Federal prison.


some Kiss hits.

DJ Hero video game from Youtube:

Ant talks about eliminating his DVR'ed ex-girlfriends model shows like Project Runway to clear way for Hoarders, Intervention, and Law & Order: SVU's. Kenny says he doesn't like the show because they're like training classes for the shitums, the criminals.

Jimmy talks about stuff that angers him, the addiction of anger and how it affects us, and how it is justified by moments of validation. Ant purposely looks for things to get angry at on the internet and says it very difficult to have arguments on twitter using only 160 characters. Travis says Ant has a vested passionate interests in the Travon Martin case because he wants everybody else to see his point of view to untie his emotions, then get into their consuming road rage in traffic issues. Erock slightly bumped another car in front him with his own car until it got out of the way and the boys dump on him for making a moving violation.


Sam and Ant talk about Jimmy's new 10 AM talk show and think Jimmy will be capable of handling it. Ant is going to listen to the show on his drive home and promises not to curse out any minorities. They goof more on Erock's dastardly road rage, where Sam thinks he's like a priviledged rich kid.

Travis brings up an angry review in the Hollywood Reporter about Quentin Tarantino using the word 'nigger' a hundred times in his new movie 'Djano Unchained' and the story about the tennis player being called 'racist' trying to imitate Sernena WIlliams to make her ass and chest look bigger using towels.

from ESPN:

Sam gets tweets saying that Erock was lying about hitting a guy with a car in front of him and think he just said it trying to be cool and that nobody admits to a crime over the air.