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Opie & Anthony Show Rundown

Sam hosts the pre show.

We discuss Tracy Morganís accident & the Stanley Cup. We discuss the Triple Crown results and California Chrome. We listen to audio from the owner & winner.

We recap Superball and we listen to Rocky the Musical audio. We watch clips from Sebastian Bachís show Sing Your Face off. We also watch a trailer for the new show Sexfactor.

We talk to Roland and Erik about their trip to The Big Apple BBQ Fest. Erik updates us with a new #TheConsumer. Daughtry, Antís Ex and Bob Evans all apologize.

Puntie is up for adoption. Thee Montreal Prison break with a helicopter, Fargo on FX and Chip Calls in. We talk about Sea Creatures the couple dying in the toilet and Jenny Hutt joins us in studio.

Sam hosts the Postshow

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