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Opie & Anthony Show Rundown
Sam hosts the Preshow.

We start our show talking about Opie's night in traffic, the Rangers lose the Stanley Cup Final, Erik isn't here and we try to figure out where he is, and Anthony Weiner favorites a tweet about sexting.

We discuss Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster, we listen to Neil Young, a man goes crazy on a JetBlue flight, Chris Christie dances horribly on The Tonight Show, a woman falls on the ice on TV, we discuss the World Cup, and we look at abandoned Olympic stadiums.

We talk about the Trump building in Chicago, we get more clues about where Erik is, a man is running is car on wood, and we find out where Erik is.

Casey Kasem died over the weekend, Kris Jenner is upset with Kanye West, we discuss fake videos online, New Jersey is outlawing bestiality, the smallest penis contest was in Brooklyn this weekend, there's a new thong for men, and we learn about breast deodorant.

Sam posts the Postshow.