Opie & Anthony Show Rundown

Sam hosts the Preshow.

We start our show talking about soccer and the World Cup game yesterday.

Anthony trades in his Mustang for a Jaguar, we talk to Kenny, there’s lots of sex crimes at Grand Central Station, Anthony goes to the DMV, we check to see if we’re on our high school’s lists of famous people, we talk about the Commack Motor Inn, Jim makes the news with his MSNBC comments, we go over a list of offensive patents, and the Supreme Court rules on patent trolls.

We watch an anti-speeding commercial from Ireland, we discuss the de Blasio family, and we check out some animal penises.

UFC fighters Chris Weidman and Frankie Edgar stop by to promote UFC 175.

We wrap up discussing our interview with Chris and Frankie.

Sam hosts the Postshow.